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Aerospace Education Services Home page
Want to have an Aerospace Education Specialist visit your school or district and provide a teacher workshop and/or student interaction? This site provides an overview of the Aerospace Education Services Program and details of whom to contact across the US for further information.

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NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative

This folder provides links to online grants opportunities, NASA On-line Internet Education Projects like "Live from Mars", as well as, the basic How's and Why's of using the Internet in the classroom.

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NASA's Classroom of the Future

This is NASA's premier research and development center for educational technologies and provides technology-based tools and resources to K-12 schools. This  site houses three exciting projects: Exploring the Environment, Astronomy Village, and BioBlast.  Each project utilizes cutting edge technologies coupled with NASA specific content to enhance the learning of those all participating.  So come visit the Classroom of the future.

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NASA's Learning Technologies Project
LTP is part of a larger government initiative, the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) program. The programs found here will increase public access to scientific databases, develop new applications and pilot programs for using science data, and create new curriculum products and tools for K-12 and K-14 education -- all of this via the Internet. Project areas include the following topics: Remote Sensing Public Access Center, K-14 Aeronautics Projects, Digital Library Technology Projects, Special Projects, and K-12 Outreach Centers.

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