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Warm Colors produce warm feelings

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Cool Colors make presentation appear professional.
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Lesson 4: Presentation Attributes-The Use of Color

Color Psychology

There is a lot of information on color mythology and psychology. Here are some tidbits:

Warm colors are magenta, red, orange, yellow, and the yellow-green hues. Warm colors speed up our perception of time and produce feelings that are warm, cozy, and inviting. These colors are associated with happiness and comfort. They have the ability to bring text and images to the foreground.

Pros: They are pleasantly inviting and inherently harmonious.

Cons: There is no variety. they may be dull if there are no eye-catching color combinations.


Color Meanings:

Magenta when tinted with red to become purple stands for lush, rich, and royal.

The color red is extremely dominating. Always use this color sparingly. It stands for truth, passion, strength, courage and fire. The maroon tint represents sacrifice and bravery.

Orange is the warmest, most stable and reassuring of the earth tones.Dark orange, however means distrust, deceit. Orange is the color most associated with appetite.

Pure yellow produces sensations of brightness and warmth. It is a spiritual color that is the symbol of radiant goodness. Dingy yellow represents jealousy and duplicity.

Brown is not a neutral color. It stands for strength, solidity, and maturity.


Cool Colors are violet, blue, light blue, cyan and sea green. These colors are know to slow down our perception of time. They appear slick and professional in presentations but may turn people off because of their coolness. These colors recede into the distance. They are more suitable for backgrounds. The color blue, especially retreats. These colors are associated with sadness, depression, and melancholia.

Pros: The compositions that use cool colors seem professional.

Cons: The coldness often turns people off and without variety the presentation seems dull.

Color Meanings:

Blue stands for heaven, divinity, divine love. It is the symbol of wisdom and the color of hope and generosity. Blue added to purple gives us the blue blood of nobility.

Green is life and is indicative of nature, youth, vigor, hope, cheerfulness, and abundance. Emerald green represents immortality.Olive green is the traditional color of peace. Darker greens are very cool.

Blue tinted with green is the iciest of all. It is associated with depression and sadness.

White is the purest of all colors and a symbol of purity and chastity.

Black signifies depression, death, criminal activities but when tempered with white signifies prudence and humility.

Pastel colors have a calming effect.

Proceed on to Lesson 4: Color Schemes after you've completed this section.

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